The Expressions of Scorpio

The Sun is in Scorpio!

Linda Goodman, one of my favorite astrologers ever (her books are the BEST, you MUST read them), explained Scorpio energy in three ways.

1. Scorpion: This is Scorpio energy that insists on stinging and is self – sabotaging. This is Scorpio as it’s own worst enemy. Paranoia and obsession are two manifestations of the dark side of Scorpio. Paranoia is really the #1 obstacle to abundance and goodness, as being paranoid stems from the belief that the world really is not good and is actually out to get you.

While seeing the truth and the harsh realities of the world comes quite easily to Scorpio, and I do believe this is a gift, it’s important to not let it make you paranoid and make life feel so dark that you’re unable to see how to move beyond the darkness of any painful circumstances. Be sure to keep paranoia in check during Scorpio season. It’s easiest to keep paranoia in check when you trust your instincts – they will be strong!!!

2. The gray lizard – This is painful Scorpio energy that is in painful because it is stuck. Scorpio is a fixed water sign, so much like other fixed signs, there is a stubbornness to them. With the depth of perception and psychic ability that is present with Scorpio, sometimes it’s difficult to trust all the feelings (it is a lot to process).
Resisting feelings or refusal to process them is one way Scorpio can exercise control, but these are feelings that run so deep that they will leave you afraid and in agony.

3. The Eagle – This is the highest level of Scorpio. This is heightened perception and trust in intuition, instincts, and desires. This type of Scorpio energy is scared of no truth and is able see all the lies. It is unable to be deceived. The eagle takes the harsh realities of the world and uses it only to fly higher, perceive more, and transform the darkness to soar, and soar, and soar.

Scorpio energy always shifts, and I believe most of us experience all three of these levels of Scorpio energy wherever this fixed water sign colors our birth charts.

During this season, expect to be more focused, and maybe even more obssessive than usual. Be careful to not become so fixated that it hinders your creative flow. Needing control is a big theme here, but too much control will shut down your life force and block you from the growth that can come quite naturally and easily with Jupiter’s transit through Scorpio as well.

Our need to express our transformational experiences will be strong, our spirits are ready for transformation, and our level of vitality right now is DEEPLY connected to our ability to tap into the energy of transformation and rebirth.

If you’re interested in learning more about what the Sun’s transit through Scorpio means for you, we can explore that during a birth chart reading! Click here for more info on what a reading with me entails. Feel free to contact me here with any questions about my services!

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