A Gibbous Phase Leo Moon

We’re in the Gibbous Moon phase, which is the phase that leads up to the full moon which will be in Virgo, on Sunday.

This is the time to look over anything that you wanted to focus on at the New Moon time. Adjust any goals you had, recalculate any risks you were thinking about taking, and stay the course.

The moon is in Leo today making trines (a harmonious aspect) to Mars, Uranus, and Saturn, so be open to creative inspiration and showcasing your work. Leo moon days are good days to own your talents. Sometimes, no one will notice your gifts if you don’t showcase them.

Leo is ruled by the sun, and like the sun it ihas a seemingly never-ending ability to create. Whatever fire you may be feeling inside of you, it’s a good time to run with it, and keep it going during full moon time, when we have a tendency to be more emotional, and with the Virgo energy, more uncertain and sometimes self critical.

Knowing where Leo lands in your chart explains much more in depth the creative energy available to you today!

If you want to know where the moon is in your chart, throughout the month, working with me in my New Moon Guidance program may be a perfect fit for you. To reserve your spot, or to get more information, you can contact me by clicking here!

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