A Time of Rebirth

Venus is in the midst of a rebirth right now as it is exactly conjunct the Sun.
This means that Venus isn’t quite as powerful as usual. Once Venus moves beyond the sun and gets away from it’s scorch, her energy will be stronger. But for the time being our sense of beauty, love and relationships is likely going through some sort of shfit. Look to where Venus is moving through in your chart for greater clarity on this.
If you are a Taurus or Libra, or if these signs are significant in your chart in any way, you’ll likely feel this more than others. Don’t panic if you feel like you don’t know who you are or what you want right now. It will all start to get clearer really soon.
We are in the last quarter phase of the moon cycle, with the moon in the sign of Libra. The last quarter phase is the final week of the moon cycle, and it’s a time to let go and also to restore. We’ve had a full week since the illumination of the full moon- which always sheds light on everything, and now we are ready to integrate the new, learn from all that has been brought to light, and let go of what we don’t need any more so we can move into the next moon cycle.
It’s a great time to let go of what your previous ideas of beauty are. Let go of your ideas about what your relationship should look like. Let go of the idea of balance, the idea that we always need to balance the scales or seek justice (sometimes this is just a need to control in disguise). Let go of your ideas about what your life should look like.
Open up to the possibility of divine order. Maybe we can’t see clearly all the time, but that’s ok, because we can trust all the time.
With Love,

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