A Time to Bring Ideas into Being

We all have ideas. But it’s what we do with them and how they provide benefit that matters.

The new moon solar eclipse in Pisces was yesterday, and we are still feeling that new moon energy today.

The new moon phase is a time of fresh starts and a lot of energy. It’s a time where you are likely to have lots of ideas!!! The ideas that come with a Pisces new moon may feel more inspired and divine as Pisces energy can diminish the boundaries between us and the divine.

Pisces energy can also feel foggy and unclear, but with Mars conjunct Uranus in take-charge Aries, you have a great opportunity to take action on any ideas that inspire you today.

You don’t have to do anything drastic, just write the ideas down. Envision how you can bring the idea to life. This is one of the simplest (and most fun) ways to start communicating with the Universe. Stay open and alert for messages in the next couple weeks as we approach the full moon in Virgo!

Knowing where this new moon is in your birth chart is helpful in knowing where you can make the greatest shifts in your life this month. But if you don’t know anything about that, focus on some of the Pisces themes such as compassion, dreams, healing, and art, what these themes mean to you, and what role they play in your life right now.

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