I’m a writer, teacher, astrologer and a clinical nutritionist. I can help you to overcome obstacles and become empowered by understanding you true self and greatest potential.

My background is in education; I taught seventh and ninth grade English before I first entered the world of nutrition, and then astrology. Teaching comes naturally to me and so I will take a teacher’s approach when I work with you. I don’t just give you guidance and information, my goal is to empower you by helping you understand and embrace your personal energy.

Clients leave a session with me understanding and embracing their strengths, and also understanding the lessons behind their struggles. The goal is always empowerment, and I work on helping you  become more aware of the beauty that is your birth chart so that you envision and embody the highest expression of yourself. This is the key to living your dream.

With my nutritional counseling, we do the same thing, only we add the use of whole foods, quality nutrition, and holistic lifestyle practices to support your vitality and a sense of peace between mind and body. This is so instrumental to aligning with your truth, and living out your highest expression.

Astrology and nutrition combined provides a sense of rhythm that is lacking in modern life. We begin to understand and feel our personal rhythm and we learn to trust our bodies when we are getting the right nutrition. When we understand our birth chart and the current planetary movements and how it affects us as individuals, we see the rhythm of the cosmos, of nature, and how we are all connected.

If you are interested in working with me, please contact me by clicking here! Together we’ll figure out what the best option is for you.