Astrology is a tool, just like nutrition, counseling, yoga, mediation, or anything else that can help guide you back to wholeness. I do not use astrology as a means to predict the future, but as a means to meet what life brings to you with awareness and empowerment. It has been profoundly helpful for me as a tool to understand myself, my relationships, my strengths and my challenges, as well as the people that I love and work with.

A basic astrology consultation begins with me looking at your birth chart, which is basically a map of where the planets were at the precise time of your birth, to see what energies are most present within you, and what the major themes of your life are. Then we discuss how you can make the most out of your unique gifts, realize your dreams, and navigate your challenges. I ask a lot of questions, and we basically will have a conversation about your chart. Any questions that you bring will be addressed!



Nothing in astrology is written in stone. There are countless interpretations for whatever is in a person’s birth chart. For me, astrology is most fun and helpful when you can discover the roots of any disempowering stories you are convinced define you, and then rewrite them, making them stories of strength and power.

Additionally, astrology is a fantastic accompaniment to nutrition because the birth chart serves as a guide for personal needs on all levels. There is no one right way for everyone to eat because we are all highly unique and our nutritional needs are so individualized, but using astrology with nutritional guidance simplifies things, and it makes this process of mastering your health much more fun and effective.*

An astrological consultation is a wonderful way to seek guidance if you are feeling troubled over a specific issue, cannot find clarity with something, or are just feeling like you would like deeper insight into yourself. If you are interested in working with me, please click here!


30 Minutes: $65

45 Minutes: $75

60 Minutes: $85

Series of 3 (60 minute sessions): $225

If you’d like me to be your Astrologer + Nutritionist for the month, then check out my New Moon Guidance Program┬áby clicking here!

*To learn more about my approach to nutrition, please click here.