Once upon a time, I felt broken, purposeless, and lost. 

Astrology provided me with a deep understanding of why I struggled with these disempowering feelings.

My first birth chart reading spoke straight to my soul. 

They helped me remember who I am at the deepest level, and working with my birth chart over a period of time allowed me to align with the beauty of my chart, rather than the painful, dark side of my chart. 

Astrology is a tool that can help guide you back to wholeness. I do not use astrology as a means to predict the future, but as a means to meet what life brings to you with awareness and empowerment. It has been profoundly helpful for me as a tool to understand myself, my relationships, my strengths and my challenges, as well as the people that I love and work with.

A basic astrology consultation begins with me looking at your birth chart, which is basically a map of where the planets were at the precise time of your birth, to see what energies are most present within you, and what the major themes of your life are. Then we discuss how you can make the most out of your unique gifts, realize your dreams, and navigate your challenges. I ask a lot of questions, and we basically will have a conversation about your chart. Any questions that you bring will be addressed!



Nothing in astrology is written in stone. There are countless interpretations for whatever is in a person’s birth chart. For me, astrology is about discovering the roots of any disempowering stories that currently dominate your life, so that we can work together to rewrite them, making them stories of strength and power.

The roots of our disempowering stories often feel like big limitations in our lives, but I believe that our limitations are NOT here to break us, they are here for us to overcome and grow as a result of overcoming them!

Where we overcome our limitations indicates where we can be the most influential agents of change in the world. It indicates our power! 

An astrological consultation is a wonderful way to seek guidance if you are feeling troubled over a specific issue, cannot find clarity with something, or are just feeling like you would like deeper insight into yourself.

When we work together we discuss:

  • Current challenges you’re facing
  • What you’re looking to shift right now
  • Future goals
  • Ideal areas of your life to focus your energies on currently
  • Any wellness concerns
  • Relationship and love life concerns (this is applicable to those single or in a partnership)

After each session I provide notes, journal prompts, and more tools that I think will help you align with what you desire in your life and what you are looking to shift right now. These will all be delivered to you as an audio, video, or PDF, (any combination of these three things).

What I deliver to you is clarity, focus, a plan and ritual that is completely inspired by your chart and our time working together.

It’s completely unique to you, and designed to empower to you.

When you purchase more than one session, the sessions must be completed within the span of 30 days, and you will receive unlimited email support from throughout the duration of the 1:1 mentorship. Each session is 60 minutes.

1 Session: $200

2 Sessions: $350

3 Sessions: $500

4 Sessions: $600

This work will strengthen and deepen your belief in yourself because you will gain so much clarity and understanding over what’s playing out in your life and how you can shift this.

I look forward to working with you soon, or connecting with you on my private Facebook page, or both! You can be a part of my private Facebook page by clicking here.

If you are interested in working with me or have any questions about the packages or pricing, please click here!