Coming Home

The point of all the work is to come home to yourself.

My interest in nutrition grew as my interest in feeling physically well became a priority; my dedication to astrology grew when I realized that there was more to feeling well than just the physical.

I wanted to understand the energy that was dominant in me.

This is one path to understanding self love: caring enough about your soul to want to understand what is natural to you and what feels right to you, and caring enough about your body so that you are able to enjoy your life and work towards your potential at whatever it is you’d most like to do.

Life isn’t always simple. Most of us don’t have the time to look into these sorts of things because we have responsibilities and we have bills. Those responsibilities sometimes leave us exhausted, too exhausted to spend any extra energy on anything other than scrolling through a social media feed.

I’m no exception, but that’s clearly not what I want for myself. Right now, I’ve allowed myself freedom and room to mess up, waste time, and waste opportunities (yup, you read that right) while I’m learning to be gentler with myself and exist in a way that is energizing and fulfilling.

Coming home to yourself isn’t easy, it’s rarely fun and it can be scary and stressful.

It’s sometimes lonely, too, when you’re navigating this new terrain.

But you CAN learn to be friends with yourself.

And that is everything.

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