Diets, Women, Neptune, & the Full Moon in Taurus

There is a dream that many women have.

To love their body.

This usually accompanies the dream of weight loss, and a goal weight that would indicate a dream body.

Most of us, at one point or another, have been under a spell. For most of us it seems like we fell under the spell whenever we first started to feel that our bodies were wrong because they were too big, too awkward, too different from what we saw on TV or in magazines. It often happens around puberty, but for some of us it’s even earlier.

Coming out of the spell happens slowly, from what I’ve seen. It may start when you give up dieting, cleansing, and work out plans. Perhaps you throw our your scale. You’re free! You’ve been saved! Until you remember that you still have your skinny jeans, folded up on the top shelf of your closet. You can still measure yourself.

You can always reduce yourself to numbers.

And you can always keep the dream in front of you, the perfect dream, your salvation – being skinny, feeling light, free, glowing and flawless.

Maybe this dream makes the mundane more bearable because you trust that one day the dream will be real.

The truth is that an empowered woman would never be able to fall under a spell.
She is too in love with the moment, too in love with her self, with life, to be pulled under a spell.

So how did we get into this mess?
And how do we get out?

The spell is Neptunian. On October 30th, the Pisces moon made a conjunction with Neptune and on Halloween the moon made a conjunction with Chiron, making us feel our oldest and deepest wounds. We probably weren’t seeing things clearly. The Full Moon in Taurus on Saturday will make a sextile to Neptune, making us really feel the dream (and everything, really) in a very physical, earthy way.

That Pisces moon earlier this week probably felt like a flood of emotions. Emotions around the dream. The fake dream that is the product of being under the spell and emotional about not being able to know how to get to the real dream – which is always about freedom, and love.

We’re looking at a need for spiritual growth and perhaps not being able to align our reality with our grand vision, which can be so painful. We all want our lives to be beautiful. We all want the life of our dreams!

It is extra painful when our vision and our dream is simply to love being in a body. Learning to appreciate our bodies.
Embracing our bodies.

The idea of perfection in a body is a lie. It’s a lie that’s been sold to us since we were little, through magazines and television shows. We fell under the spell. We never had a chance. The spell is made more potent the more perceptive you are as a kid, noticing the hypocrisy and feeling the meaninglessness behind so many of the norms of this world, feeling the meaningless that comes with living in a culture that values production and profits more than it values life.

So, how do we move through it?
By not dreaming anymore.

I love dreaming. I have huge dreams. But I’m not willing to give away the present for any of those dreams. The present moment is full of perfection, full of beauty, full of magic. Even if you are 10 pounds, 20 pounds, or 100 pounds heavier than you’d like to be.

Even if it’s difficult for you to choose what to eat.
Even if it’s hard for you to trust yourself.
Even if you want a break from your current circumstances so badly you could cry just thinking about it.

You can be free. In an instant. All you have to do is accept your current reality.
Embrace it.
Don’t hide from it.
There is nothing to hide from.

Where there is pain, there is the opportunity for great change and rapid growth.
Where life is bleak, there is so much space for magic.
Where there is hopelessness, there is opportunity for grace.

If you feel unclear and unconnected, just look in the mirror. Look into your own eyes.
Say hello to yourself.
Then make a promise to yourself that you will never abandon yourself again. You will never discredit an emotion you feel, you will never trust an outside source over your own body, or your own experience, ever again.

This can make your reality so sweet.

And of course you will mess up. So many of us have made a habit of abandoning ourselves and this is part of being under the spell. But the less you do it, the sweeter life becomes.

See how long you can go without abandoning yourself. Maybe it’s just one morning, or one hour. Maybe you manage to go a whole day! The more you focus on this, the easier it will become, and eventually you will have broken the spell.

Once the spell is broken, you are a whole woman. You always were a whole woman, but now you can see it. You can feel it. The fog has lifted. You have been saved, but by yourself.


As we all move out from under let’s never forget our potential for greatness, the power of the mind, the scope of the heart.

And let’s always remember that the magic is always there, on the other side of what we are most scared of accepting in the present moment.

Take such good care of yourself, always.

Lots of Love,

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