Early Enrollment for Self-Love + Astrology Extended Through the 21st!

What is Self-Love + Astrology?

It is about expression. It’s about living out your ideals. It’s about recognizing where I lose my power most easily and where compromising myself results in me losing out in the end. Because you always lose out in the end when you can’t see yourself clearly.

Self-Love + Astrology is not about predicting the future or being able to avoid hardship or about embracing our struggles or even accepting them. It’s about loving yourself into your power. It’s a natural, healthy thing.

Where you lose yourself, you can find yourself. Where you are limited, you can become abundant. Whenever you feel pain, lack, or worthlessness, know that the Universe wants to make a master out of you in this area.

The Universe works with you and for you and for the collective, it does not work against you.

Pain and suffering are a part of life, yes. Everyone knows that. And I think these things that cause us pain can make us cold and sad, they don’t always open us up. They can, but pain is not the path to spiritual growth. It’s a call to change: to change our way of seeing things, to change the way we see and care for ourselves, to change the way we express ourselves and function in the world.

It’s a call to heal. To create an inner world that is rich, supportive, and kind.

Self-Love + Astrology can do this for you, because it wakes you up to the truth of who you are. The truth of who you are is greater than signs and aspects in a birth chart, but these signs and aspects will bring to light your life experience.

If this info is resonating with you, then click here to learn more about the course. Early Enrollment at a discount is available through the 21st – and it now includes a 45 minute reading with me! During the reading we will discuss the main expression in your chart as well as any tension or blockages you may be experiencing with embodying the truth of who you are. The fee is only $225 through the 21st, so this is a real deal. Definitely take the time to check it out if my writing resonates with you.

I think you’ll absolutely love this class!

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