Full Moon in Libra Forgiveness

Today the moon is moving towards a conjunction with Jupiter and then will be full a few hours later.

The full moon is a time of ripeness and expression. The moon is most fully expressed at this time when we see all of her, and as she gets closer to Jupiter, the planet that rules expansion, we will feel this expression and emotion even more. While it can be a very emotional day, Jupiter really just wants us to be happy, so this could be a type of emotion that is more about fun and adventure rather than the usual ‘intensity’ so many people talk about during the full moon.

With the moon being in the sign of Libra, the theme is relationships. Where are we out of balance with give and take? In what ways are we neglecting ourselves and giving too much to others – or is it the other way around? Have you been too self absorbed and not giving the relationships in your life the attention they need to feel nourished and to thrive? These are big themes with the Aries Sun – Libra Moon polarity we are feeling today.

If resentment comes up today, towards yourself or others, focus on forgiveness. Forgiveness for any wrong doing on the part of anyone you’ve been in a relationship with. When the moon is lighting up the sky like this, we see more. Things that were on our minds two weeks ago are clearer now. We see the truth of certain situations and can move forward, but not without forgiveness and compassion.



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