Gemini, Virgo, & Self Trust

Self trust is hard to come by when we live in a world full of gurus, experts, and people trying to sell us things. This challenge can feel greater with Gemini energy and especially Gemini – Virgo energy, which has been present for the past few days with the Sun being in Gemini, and the Moon moving through the sign of Virgo.
Both Gemini and Virgo are ruled by Mercury, that planet that goes retrograde a few times each year and messes with our communications, our technology, our deadlines – and much more (depending on what sign Mercury is retrograding through). Mercury is unpredictable, highly changeable, and extremely mental; just like Gemini and Virgo!
What happens when we get too much in our head, though? Sometimes we don’t feel things. We run too many scenarios and become too discriminatory. We find answers that are go against one another, and we can even feel like we don’t trust ourselves, because we see both sides so clearly and they are so logical, that we cannot disprove either option, not to ourselves, and not to anyone else.
How can you trust yourself?
Here’s how.
ONE: Get comfortable in your body. When you have a question it’s totally fine, healthy, and human to think about it, make a T-chart to list the pros and cons, etc. But after that, sit or lay down (you can even do this in bed), breathe deep, and feel the answers in your body. It might take time to really feel the answers, but with persistence, you will get there.
TWO: Take action. Give things a try. We learn and discover what is right for us through engagement, not speculation.
THREE: Accept that there may be no one answer. It’s simpler to see things in black and white, yes or no, right or wrong, but the changeability of Gemini teaches us that there really is no ultimate truth (this is a theme that will be bigger around the time of the full moon in Sagittarius), other than listening to the heart. The truth can really only be found in the present moment, which can only truly be experienced with an open heart, and a mind that is at peace. If there is any one ultimate truth, it would be that change is inevitable, for that understanding, we can thank Gemini!
The Virgo moon, (which will be moving into Libra tonight) can sometimes contribute to a feeling of not being so confident, so the feelings of uncertainty may feel great today. Try not to let it get to you, and just tap into your sense of self-trust as much as you can. On the flip side, Virgo has a practical side that doesn’t come as easily to Gemini. Virgo is an earth sign, so despite being highly mental, they not how to use their hands, get into their body, and get to work. In this way, it’s a really lovely energy that compliments and assists Gemini!
My next post will be about Mars moving into Cancer on Sunday. See you soon!
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