Happy Full Moon, Happy New Year!

This New Years’ Day full moon in Cancer is making a trine to Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio, and Neptune in Pisces. When three planets is in each sign of an element (in this case, these planets are all in the signs of the water element) making trines to each other, it is called a grand trine. The focus of this grand trine is on the moon!

Grand trines are representative of an energy that is gifted or powerful. With this grand trine we are looking at the gift of expressing ourselves in terms of how we feel about others, specifically how we care or nourish them, and also what we need from others, and from ourselves.

Self care is a big theme with the sign of Cancer, and so it is with this full moon. It’s a powerful time to tap into our sense of intuition and our instincts around what we need. How do you mother others and how do you mother yourself? What’s the motivation behind your self care or how you care for others (or your lack of care)? How can you feel a sense of openness, lightness, fun, adventure, or a strengthened sense of spirituality through how you care and nourish yourself and others?

This full moon is making an exact trine to Neptune so expect a dreamy element to the day, and be especially aware of the motivation to lose yourself in too much food or drink with this aspect between the Moon in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces. The grande trine is special, but it can also mean inertia. You may simply feel this constant flow that gets nowhere. Be aware of your feelings and try to be honest about your motivations, because sometimes with water signs, we aren’t sure what the motivation is behind our actions, and if we aren’t willing to be aware and honest with ourselves, we can become destructive – and it may feel completely unintentional!

My suggestions with this full moon, as always, is to be open and aware of all that is present within you. The time of the full moon is totally about openness and revelation, and we may see some things very clearly, maybe for the first time with this energy.

It’s also important to keep in mind that the full moon is opposing Venus in Capricorn, and Venus is combust the Sun (this means that Venus is right behind the sun, and is therefore overpowered by the energy of the sun). When any planet is combust the Sun, this means that it’s less powerful than usual, so with Venus combust the sun we may feel that our sense of balance, beauty, or love is lacking. This could translate into some sort of realization around a romantic relationship where you realize you’re not feeling cared for, or that you’re the one not caring enough. Either way, be aware of some possible tension. Trust your instincts and try not to let your emotions get the best of you.

Mantra for the Full Moon: 
My love for myself is reflected in my love for others. 

Happy Full Moon & Happy New Year!

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