How to Keep it Light With Mercury Conjunct Saturn

Mercury is conjunct Saturn in Capricorn!

If you are feeling down on yourself, like the weight of everything is crashing down on you all at once, remind yourself of all the times you got yourself through something really hard. Remind yourself of a time when you felt like you had nothing left to give, and then you realized how resourceful you really are.

These past few days may have felt particularly difficult or limiting to you. You may be searching for solutions that don’t arrive, maybe you can’t see any way around a current issue other than just suffering through it, or pushing ahead.

Give it a little time.

Think of a goal you have.

Now, make it a little less extreme.


Think of one, two, or three habits that will help you get to that goal.

Now, thinking of how those habits can feel easy. How can you enjoy them?


Integrate these habits during these next couple of weeks. The new moon in Capricorn is on Tuesday, so you’ve likely had some fresh starts in mind, and soon you’ll be able to propel them into action and lay out solid ground to build upon.

If you’re reading this and thinking that you have no idea what you want to work towards, that you have no goals, no ambition, no memory of overcoming something difficult, please realize you’re being weighed down by a heaviness it’s time to let go of. Take some quiet time today and listen to your heart. Sometimes our thoughts are big liars, but our heart never is.


What to watch out for:

  • Harsh communication, criticism, being mean or too stern
  • Rigid thinking, inflexibility when seeking solutions

What you might want to do:

  • Make a solid plan for the future. Talk it out. Write it down.
  • Commit to the plan. Take action.

Definitely be careful not to: 

  • Act like you’re the authority of everyone
  • Make decisions with a fear based or lack mentality
  • Allow yourself to get bogged down by heavy thoughts (see above, about making a plan and committing to it – being sure it’s not too rigid)

If you want to really get into this energy, I’d recommend some sort of cleansing action. This conjunction lasts until past the new moon on Tuesday, and I love to focus on digestive rest during this phase of the moon cycle as it feels like a quiet, reflective, restorative time that is also a great facilitator for letting go. Try replacing your breakfast with a ¬†green juice tomorrow, or on Tuesday.

The green juice pictured above is a really refreshing, hydrating, recipe that is made with only three inexpensive ingredients.

Refreshing Green Juice

1 bunch of celery

half bunch of parsley

half a lemon

Cut away the peel of the lemon and rinse the celery and parsley. Run through your juicer, and then strain to get rid of any pulp (unless you like the pulp). Enjoy!

With Love,


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