Independence and Mars-Pluto

Happy Independence Day to those of us in USA!

Mars has been opposite Pluto for about a week and is moving past this opposition by early next week. This aspect is pretty intense to say the least. I don’t find it helpful to believe that we are at the mercy of planetary energy, but I know for sure that a lot of people have felt this intensity this past week and are still feeling it.

A lot of the intensity has been experienced as aggression, fighting for something to survive, feeling a strong drive to assert your power, or feeling a lot of old, buried emotions suddenly ready to be felt.

I had a conversation yesterday where someone told me that the day just felt “off” and “weird”, and sometimes Pluto aspects can feel that way because what’s happening is below the surface. If you have something that is heavy, and then you have Mars coming into play which agitates and irritates, you may seem some emotional outbursts, and sense an overall more angry energy not just in yourself but in everyone around you.

Physical activity, a good sweat, or even a dance session would be so helpful to move emotions through you right now. Listen to music that moves you. It’s important to let things flow and move as much as possible because Mars is initiating this, and the more you hold on, the more you’re going to manifest the more negative traits of Mars, such as anger and irritation.

So celebrate your independence by not defining yourself by past experiences and all of the emotions that came along with them, whether they are good are bad. Every day you have the power to transform yourself and to change your life. Don’t be hesitant about taking the lead and making the choice to change rather than waiting for circumstance to direct your choices. Leave the old, heavy baggage behind, and walk into our Nation’s new year, anew.



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