Jupiter in Scorpio and Inner Faith

After thirteen months of being in Libra, Jupiter has moved into Scorpio, a fixed water sign.

This is great news for Scorpios, but it’s exciting for all of us, because even if you don’t have any planets in Scorpio, every last one of us has a Scorpio house in their birth chart, and that area of your chart will be expanded this year.

With Jupiter in Scorpio, opportunities will come to you when you can be sensitive towards others, and not let the Scorpio paranoia run the show. It’s a year to listen to your desires more than ever and to trust your intuition. You will be intuitively led towards opportunities that will provide you with growth, you just have to trust yourself.

If you are very fearful right now, it’s important to recognize the fear and how it is holding you back. This doesn’t mean that you need to enter into anything with rose colored glasses, really it’s quite the opposite, you need to trust yourself and your ability to be an excellent judge of character and intention – this is a powerful trait of Scorpio, they can see a lie a million miles away. The ability to see through intentions is heightened for all of us during Jupiters transit through Scorpio.

Don’t hide. Scorpio is a secretive energy, but if you are too secretive, Jupiter won’t be able to work it’s magic. With Jupiter, the higher, more evolved Scorpio energy is usually expressed, so take this year to grow your perceptive skills and your intuition.

This is a year to take any base Scorpio stuff you’ve got going on and transform it. Got compulsions? It’s time to take a good hard look at them and see how you can turn that compulsion into something great. What is your compulsion trying to tell you? How can you grow from looking at that compulsion right in the eye and acknowledging it for exactly what it is? What message is your compulsion sending to you?

Jupiter is known as the good luck planet because Jupiter expands whatever it touches. Susan Miller once said “Jupiter just wants to make you happy.” As with everything else in astrology, the consciousness you bring to this part of your life is what will determine what Jupiter in Scorpio looks like for you.

Jupiter in Scorpio will focus on power, control, the unconscious, our ability to judge situations and people, it may deepen our perception, and bring a sense of faith and optimism (if you can brush off that Scorpio paranoia), as well as the desire to connect to something larger than the self – this is a big theme with Scorpio that is often misunderstood and this is why some people find Scorpio energy so intense.

Understanding Jupiter in Scorpio in your chart is the perfect topic for you to discuss with your favorite Astrologer ?.

If you are interested in a Jupiter Reading, we can discuss the aspects it’s making to your personal planets and times that are ripe for extra growth and good luck!¬†You can contact me to book a reading by clicking here.

Take this year to get into the flow of powerful, transformational Scorpio energy and watch your life change for the better.

Love you!

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