La Luna, the Great Reflector

I focus a lot on the moon when I write horoscopes. While I look at the movement of all the planets, the moon is the great indicator of how the planetary energy is playing out within us.

The moon (and the planets) don’t cause things to happen, but they represent our experience, and the moon especially is very earthly in a way. We know this intuitively, because we see her, and she is closest to us out of all of the planets.

The moon moves the fastest of all planets, and so the dynamic between her and the planets changes throughout each month, and even each day. She symbolizes our inner life, our mother, how we nourish ourselves, and the part of us that is more impulsive, the parts of us that react without thinking. The moon is deep within us.

So when the moon is moving through Pisces, making a conjunction to Neptune in Pisces, and later this weekend making a conjunction to Chiron, while also moving into a sextile with Mercury in Capricorn, I know people will be more sensitive, more intuitive (maybe even psychic), and I know that this will likely play into a sense of woundedness as the moon moves closer to Chiron.

This looks like thinking, talking or writing (Mercury in Capricorn) about what we’re feeling (Moon in Pisces) in order to see things clearer- to see what’s real. It may also look like feeling our wounds deeply, maybe feeling a little deflated after thinking we’ve seen things clearly. Jupiter and Mars in Scorpio are making trines to Chiron, so part of us feels motivated and maybe even a little hopeful as we feel these wounds. Chiron is the wounded healer, ultimately we are empowered by Chiron as this sense of woundedness heals. Leonard Cohen wrote “There is a crack in everything/That’s how the light gets in.” This is Chiron.

By Tuesday, the moon will move into Aries and make a conjunction with Uranus. I wouldn’t be surprised if we feel a resurgence of energy around anything particularly painful that we’re feeling right now. Uranus in Aries is a great warrior ready to breakthrough. The moon hanging out with Uranus in Aries shows that we will feel this instinctually. Keep the faith.

So while so many of these planets hang out in certain sings for weeks, months, or years, the moon is moving constantly, reflecting back to us what all of this sky business means (and doesn’t mean) to us on earth.

Love you!


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