Mars Inconjunct Uranus

The inconjunction aspect is a 150 degree angle. It tells us when two planets are in signs that are not harmonious, and don’t even “see” each other.

Right now we have Mars in Scorpio making an inconjunction to Uranus in Aries. This aspect is close to exact and I think it’s important to take note of right now, given the astrological weather.

I’ve been writing a bit about how it’s time for laying down a new foundation to build our life upon with all of this transformational energy and the focus on the signs of Capricorn (the builder) and Scorpio (transformation) – especially with our last quarter Scorpio moon last week. I feel that the Mars-Uranus inconjunction shows that we may all be feeling a sort of halt for good reason: our drive (Mars) and our ability to make a breakthrough (Uranus) aren’t really syncing up, they cannot see each other, but the energy for both is quite strong!

Inconjunctions are interesting and a bit tricky because it’s not as intense, obvious, or confrontational like an opposition (think of the energy at a full moon) or a conjunction (think of the energy of a new moon). There is no real confrontation, and it often feels scattering, and irritating. It’s usually something that isn’t addressed because there is often something more obvious and intense that takes your attention, so the irritation persists. Sue Tompkins describes the inconjunction as a piece of grit in your shoe.

So right now you’re probably feeling Venus moving away from the Sun in a new aesthetic appreciation, a new look, or a new approach to your love life or the end or beginning of a relationship, maybe you’re feeling the moon in Capricorn moving closer to Pluto in Capricorn (tonight they will be conjunct, so be mindful of heavy emotions, and not to let your mind go to any very dark places; if it does, just process it, breathe deep, and let it go), so this Mars-Uranus energy isn’t really even coming into view for you. The reason why I’m writing about this is because Mars in Scorpio and Uranus in Aries is a LOT of energy, and there is a LOT of potential for breakthrough! So here is my advice to really embrace and move through this process with ease and openness.

  1. Mars in Scorpio can be very extreme, very all or nothing. Be sure that your motivations are not too extreme. The Capricorn energy will only make the extreme feeling stronger. Scorpio energy is nicest when it is given time to rest and reflect. Reflection without rest will result in paranoia and doubt, but rest, reflection, and meditation or any other meditative practice (exercise, cooking, folding laundry – whatever works), will help you soar. Even if it’s freezing where you live, getting near water is never a bad idea with Scorpio.
  2. Uranus is Aries can be very rash. Think of a Ram going full speed ahead trying to breakthrough something (literally). It can hurt. So it’s good to let some healthy, fluid Scorp energy pull you back for minute. Check in with your desires. Are they authentic? Healthy? No sign sees through the bullshit like Scorpio does. So if you feel rushed or reckless, take some quiet time for yourself, check in with your desires.
  3. Once you’ve done this it is a great time to move forward with calculated action. Calculated action isn’t very Aries (I am a Taurus so I like to sit on some with everything before I move forward, so forgive me if me telling you to slow down and reflect all the time is annoying you), but it is necessary if we want a real breakthrough, and if we want a real foundation that stands the test of time.

Ok, so I hope that helps. I feel this all really quite majorly right now and it seems like everyone I’m talking to is feeling this way too.

Always trust your feelings, process them, and always remind yourself that you are well, you can do this, no circumstance or feeling is final. We are always learning, growing, letting go, and rebuilding. This is life.

With Love,


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