The Moon in Cancer and Oppositions

Today the moon is in the sign of Cancer, and will be coming into an opposition with Pluto in Capricorn. Mars in Gemini is also coming into an exact opposition with Saturn in Sagittarius, so we have two aspects today and a part of tomorrow that may feel a bit heavy or overwhelming.

At times I feel like I don’t want to focus on the “heavier” aspects of astrology, especially because I don’t believe that the Universe wants us to feel heaviness except in the case where we have to release it or there is something to be gained from it. In many ways, my love astrology is really just my desire to understand the language of the Universe and to make sense of why things happen, why people suffer, and why we go through certain patterns or situations again, and again. For example, why do some people move through certain issues so quickly while for others it takes years? Astrology can shed a lot of light on these type issues.

Ultimately, I still believe and will always believe in free will, and that the cosmos reflect what is happening within us and do not cause anything to happen as much as they activate energies that are within us. It’s all for growth and for healing.

The Moon in Cancer opposing Pluto in Capricorn may suggest heavy emotions from the past coming up, a feeling of heaviness that we don’t understand (if this is so, you will likely see things more clearly later tomorrow when the moon has moved away from the opposition to Pluto). Pluto transforms. If you’re feeling heavy, don’t resist it. Let it move through you; write, exercise, talk it out with someone you trust if you can, and try to hold space for other people who are feeling it, too.

Mars in Gemini opposing Saturn in Sagittarius can feel like a lack of energy, or having to wait for something that feels urgent. Mars is all about drive and vitality while Saturn shows us reality and limitations. It looks like patience. It looks like maybe not being able to speak your mind, or maybe even feeling like there is a heaviness to your thoughts.

The moon is sextiling Mercury in Taurus while will lessen some of that heaviness around communication and thought processes, and is also making a trine to Neptune in Pisces, which suggests an element of fantasy to the emotional climate of day. So be mindful of where your mind goes. Let your emotions show you what they need to show you, but don’t let them run the show.

Overall, I think that the best suggestion is patience, compassion, nourishment, meditation, prayer, or whatever makes you feel whole and connected, and these are all tips that will help you on any old day.

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