New Moon Guidance

I am excited to announce a new astrology program I’m offering: New Moon Guidance. It starts with the upcoming new moon cycle beginning on April 26.

What is New Moon Guidance? It is a way to understand how the moon cycle affects you, based on your birth chart, and how use the energy available to you to reach your goals.

Your birth chart contains twelve houses that represent different segments of the sky, and each of these segments represent different aspects of your life. The moon travels through each one of these houses throughout each and every month! Knowing the movements of the moon offers tremendous clarity and can make us much more effective at creating what we want in our lives.

A month of New Moon Guidance with me looks like this:
On or before the April 26 New Moon:
You’ll have a thirty minute New Moon reading, where I look at your birth chart and we discuss which sign and house the new moon will be in and where to focus your energy and intentions for the month along with suggested affirmations, exercises and rituals.

On or before the Full Moon: A thirty minute Full Moon reading where we discuss questions and issues that have come to light during the first two weeks of the moon cycle along with suggested  affirmations, exercises, and  rituals.

Additionally, whenever the moon changes signs (every 2-3 days), you will receive a personalized moon horoscope that will further help you understand the energy available to you and how to use it to meet your goals.

So, if you’re looking to bring clarity, focus, power, and fresh energy into your life, New Moon guidance with me is a great fit for you.

NOW is the time to make decisions with confidence and stop wasting your focus and energy.

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