New Moon In Leo

The New Moon in Leo is this Sunday, July 23rd!

The fixed fire sign of Leo is the creative, expressive sign of the zodiac. While all signs are creative and expressive in some way, Leo is the sign that represents the creative force. Ruled by the Sun, Leo is the constant, burning creative flame that exists within all of us and is behind all creative expression.

This new moon will be conjunct Mars, so we will feel a lot of motivation to create this month. The house that this new moon falls in will show us in what area of life we would be most inclined and wisest to invest this creativity in! Whenever two planets are conjunct, this means that the energy of the planets combines (of course there are some exceptions!). So, with the Moon-Mars energy combo, we will feel motivated to feel emotionally fulfilled through creativity and expression.

Don’t be shocked if you feel some anger, fierceness, or irritation with this new moon. Leo is generally an easy going sign, however, the conjunction to Mars and the square to Uranus in Aries, will contribute more drive and possibly anger or irritation to this new moon.

The Moon – Mars Conjunction will be squaring Uranus in Aries which implies that we will feel a sort of tension with how much freedom with have with our creative impulses and drive. We may feel that our desire to create is useless because we may feel that it doesn’t contribute enough to the overall well being of humanity, or that it isn’t original enough, has already been done, or just isn’t useful in terms of fixing a problem. If you are struggling with this sort of feeling please return to the message behind Leo, which is that creativity for creativity’s sake is everything. Creativity is LIFE.

This isn’t to discount any sort of struggle or frustration you may feel right now in terms of how your life is going and how you are able to most authentically express yourself. Just know that this creative force is a part of you, and while it can sometimes feel difficult to tap into, it is always available.

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