Now is the Time to Let Go

Happy Saturday, Loves!
As Venus is still moving through her rebirthing process, only one degree beyond the Sun, and the Sun and Venus are moving away from Pluto, Pluto is still making a sextile to Jupiter in Scorpio, and the Sun and Venus are still sextiling Mars, and Jupiter and Mars are still in conjunction! To put this is non-astro language – the transformational energy is still super strong.
So, don’t give up! You’re in the midst of a major process here, and you have to believe in yourself enough to lay out what you want for yourself, you have to get to work. It doesn’t have to be hard, it only feels hard when you’re not honest with yourself, or when you hold back from admitting to yourself what you really, truly, desire.
The moon is moving through the last sign of the moon cycle, in the sign of Sagittarius, and the new moon will be on Tuesday, in the sign of Capricorn. Definitely look to see where 26 degrees Capricorn is in your chart, to see which house this new moon falls under.
The Sagittarian moon will foster movement. Break a sweat, lift weights, now is the time to start your new workout and bring yourself to a whole new level of strength and power. Sagittarius has a lot of energy, enthusiasm, and optimism. Capricorn is slow and steady. Start slow, don’t hurt yourself (lol), because whatever you’re starting now will be in place for a long time if you back up your commitment with the needed action.
If you feel a heaviness within you, know that it’s time to let something go. It can be really, really hard to do this. But you won’t be able to appreciate all the Capricorn happening if you’re not letting what needs to die, die (Scorpio). Wherever Scorpio is in your birth chart, this is where you want to work on seeing the truth of what you need to let go of. For example, I have Scorpio in my third house, which rules mental processes. I’ve been writing and talking a lot about what feels heavy to me, and I have a new level of clarity around what I need to change in my life. Scorpio energy can feel overwhelming, especially to those of us who have little or no Scorpio in our charts, but once you give into the release, it feels great!
Capricorn, and all earth signs, really, are about the basics of life and creating circumstances that work for you. Capricorn doesn’t care as much about past lives or good vibes as they care about the actual physical stuff of life. Capricorn wants dirt on your hands and sweat on your brow. Capricorn wants to achieve things and show the world HERE – this is what I’ve done, this is what I’ve worked so hard for. I am worthy.
It’s a time to believe in yourself and if you need to, prove to yourself that you have what it takes. Our belief in ourselves is everything.  Earth signs, such as Capricorn, need to see it to believe it; Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio only need to FEEL things to believe it, so tap into that if you want to change your reality.
These last few days of the moon cycle are about letting go. I often see and have even read in books about the full moon being a time of letting go, but that’s now how I see or have experienced it. The full moon is a time of illumination and seeing things clearly. It’s a time of high emotion, a time when we can no longer hide. This last phase of the moon cycle is about bringing all that you’ve felt, learned and absorbed throughout the moon cycle and letting go of what no longer serves you. If you are lacking clarity around what you need to let go of, cleaning up your diet is a great idea. Let go of the foods that weigh you down. Aim for simplicity with your meals, stay hydrated. Wash away the gunk.
Have a wonderful weekend, and best wishes with your new beginning!
With Love,
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