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My body was a constant source of personal scrutiny and emotional pain my entire life.

I remembered being a seven year old child wishing I could stay home from gymnastics because my thighs were too big, and I didn’t want to be seen.

The disorder and pain was a huge struggle for me and it made every other aspect of my life challenging. It weighed so heavily on my spirit and I often felt like I just wanted to hide.



Eventually the emotional pain I experienced along with what became nagging symptoms of poor digestion, moodiness, sadness, and debilitating allergies (really, I needed several medications and an inhaler just to function!) reached it’s limit. I moved towards a whole foods diet, and then I discovered cellular cleansing through green vegetable juices, raw foods, and colon hydrotherapy. I learned extensively through one of my greatest mentors, Natalia Rose, and I earned my nutritionist certificate through the Natural Healing Institute of Naturopathy.

Detoxification through vegetable juicing and a plant based diet was transformational for me in so many ways. At the young age of 25 I left my job as an high school English teacher, and spent several years teaching about nutrition and cell cleansing through my personal wellness center in Lancaster, PA. After I became pregnant with my daughter, I stopped running the wellness center, and took some time off. Pregnancy and nursing provided even more challenges and lessons around my relationship with my body and food.

These life long lessons in this subject has taught me something: our struggles with the physical (our body, food, money, our things, even our relationships) are never just about the physical object, it’s about our relationship with our SELF. The physical simply provides us with a mirror so we can see the condition of our internal state.



I am an astrologer as well as a clinical nutritionist. This may seem like an odd pairing, but I have discovered and deeply believe that astrology is the most perfect accompaniment to any kind of self improvement; this is because the birth chart* serves as a guide for personal needs on all levels.

The birth chart shows us who we are at the deepest level. We can understand our struggles and learn how we can balance them out and heal them. We learn our strengths, and we can bring emphasis to the beauty and the light that is in our chart. It is and always has been there, we just have to bring consciousness to it, believe in ourselves, focus on the highest expression of ourselves possible, and THAT is what both astrology and wellness are all about!

On a much more mundane and basic level, there really is is no one right way to eat for everyone because we are all highly unique and our nutritional needs are so individualized, and our birth chart shows us this. Using astrology to tailor nutritional guidelines and understand some of our challenging habits makes the process of eating well much simpler and much more effective.

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4 Sessions: $820

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