Pisces Full Moon Conjunct Neptune

We are well into Virgo season. Virgo is one my favorite signs and maybe one of the most under appreciated of the zodiac. If not for Virgo there would be little order and no focus on the simple, mundane aspects of life that are boring and that sometimes feel like drudgery. Things like paying attention to our health, digestion, making sure all the little aspects of our lives are in line and noticing the little details that are easy to miss all fall under the scope of Virgo. Thank God for Virgo.

Pisces is the sign that is opposite Virgo. Pisces rules dreams, the divine, our subconscious. Those who were born under this sign are notorious for not being able to face reality. However, Pisces are also brilliantly creative (a wonderful manifestation of not being able to deal with reality and feeling burdened by the mundane), often magical and genuinely sweet, and the most genuine and deeply empathetic people you will ever meet. Thank God for Pisces.

Tomorrow the full moon is in Pisces. If you haven’t noticed yet, whenever the moon is full, it’s always at the sign opposite the current Sun sign. So with this moon cycle we are feeling the Virgo-Pisces polarity. 

My favorite theme with Virgo and Pisces is love and service. While these signs are so different, their highest form of expression is in love, acceptance, and helping others. Both of these signs embody goodness, innocence, and pure intentions. 

Like all of the signs, they each have a dark side and a light side. This full moon is a wonderful time to observe where you are currently hanging out on the spectrum. 

The dark side of Virgo: perfection, being overly critical, being a workaholic, thinking you know what is best for everyone. 

The light side of Virgo: seeing the perfection that exists right now, embracing personal growth as the best path towards self-improvement, doing work that is an honest reflection of what’s in your heart (which is always of service no matter what that is), spending time with animals and helping animals. 

The dark side of Pisces: escapism, self sacrifice, losing oneself to religious ideas or within any type relationship, not having any boundaries, not being able to face reality or even being able to recognize that you’ve got blinders on or that you’re lost in a dream.

The light side of Pisces: creativity, deep empathy and wisdom, profound intuition, self service, bringing magic to the mundane, being magical, being lost in a dream and harnessing your creative powers so well that you can turn the dream into something real. 

The full moon will be conjunct Neptune, which is Pisces’ ruling planet, so the Pisces energy will be magnified while the Sun and Mercury (which is finally direct) will be in Virgo. So this polarizing energy is even more polarizing than most full moons. 

Full moons are known for being very emotional. The moon represents our intuition, the part of ourselves that we don’t always want to reveal or even personally acknowledge, and this full moon may be magnifying all of this for you. Observe where you fall on the light-dark spectrum of Virgo and Pisces these next couple of days. Try to detach yourself from being judgmental based on where you find yourself and what you’re feeling. 

Ask yourself how you can love yourself more and see the perfection that is your personal expression right now. Write about what you need to feel more magic in your life, jot down some ideas of what can get you away from feeling the drudgery of the more mundane aspects of life if that is something that is bothering you right now.

If you feel unsatisfied in any area of your life take a look at gentle ways you can improve. Trust what you feel and what you’re drawn to. Trust your ideas and inclinations. Intuition is STRONG with this full moon, maybe stronger than any other full moon this year, but part of the Virgo-Pisces struggle is feeling inspiration or listening to intuition only to overanalyze it all and find every excuse to discard it. 

Don’t throw away anything you feel with this full moon. Write, dance, meditate, talk with someone you trust. Once you process things you’ll know what to keep and what to let go. 

Let go of what’s heavy, keep what feels like magic as this will lead to improvement, deep wellness, and happiness in all areas of your life. 

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