Astrology for Moms

Motherhood is easily one of the greatest blessings of our lives.

But it’s also one of the most challenging 

On one hand it feels so natural in so many ways. It’s easy to love and care for this little person who grew inside of you and was delivered to the world through you.

On the other hand, you sometimes feel like you don’t know this person, or like you’re not even capable of raising them!

Our children challenge us. They open our hearts to a love unlike anything we’ve ever known.

They trigger us; they bring out parts of us that would otherwise stay lurking in the shadows.

They teach us, and they heal us when we are present enough to see that what they need is exactly what we need: patience as we grow and unfold, compassion, understanding, and unconditional love, even at our worst moments.

Love is a vibration and children cannot be tricked. When we are not present with them, rushing them, thrusting our expectations onto them, scolding them for doing things that we ourselves do all the time, or pressuring them to excel in every little thing they embark upon, our children feel defeated and unworthy.

Then there is the most frustrating aspect of parenting, the knee jerk reactions that happen. Motherhood pushes us beyond any exhaustion we’ve felt before, and our children’s stubbornness and tantrums and neediness are enough to make us want to curl up in a ball and cry and hide at times. It all feels so chaotic and so intense, and sometimes we lose our cool.

But what if we had greater insight into our children’s behaviors?

What if we understood their needs better?

How would our relationships with our children deepen and soften if we understand their experience of us as mothers better? If we understood the dynamic between the two of us better?

Would it be easier to stay calm when they are freaking out?

Could you be more effective at making them feel safe, secure, and more confident?

Astrology for Moms will give you great insight into your child. You will gain a deeper understanding of the nuances of their emotional needs, and how they approach life. We will unveil this through learning and more deeply understanding your child’s sun, moon, and rising sign, and also how they relate to your sun, moon and rising sign- this will provide so much depth and richness to your understand of your relationship with your child!

The sun, moon and rising sign are the most important signs to know and understand if you want to best grasp your child’s experience of the world and their home life. If you want your child to feel emotionally supported, heard, embraced, loved without condition, and respected (yes, this is true even for our babies), then the astrological insight that comes with Practical Astrology for Moms will be the perfect medicine to deepen your understanding of and connection with your precious babies.

What you get with Astrology for Moms:

1. After signing up, you can send me your children’s birth date, time, and location, and I’ll let you know their Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign. I can do this for you as well if you send me your birth information!

2. Access to the Astrology for Moms audio, where I will go over what the Sun, Moon, and Rising signs all are and what they tell us about our children and I also go through each sign of the zodiac in detail. I will teach you about what each sign needs to feel most supported, what you can expect of them, their strengths and other tendencies, and we’ll even discuss how your child is experiencing YOU as a mother, and you’ll be able to see the dynamics between yourself and your child as I explain it to you.

3. A Funsheet to list your signs and your childs and explore the dynamics between the two of you (I will guide you through this!), along with some questions to reflect on the info I share during the course!

4. Answers to your questions! If you have any questions, I would LOVE to answer them during the funshop, or even after. I genuinely love taking questions from you because they open inspire me to write blogs, & make videos!

Practical Astrology for Moms will be available for purchase from February 12 – February 20!

Register for access to Astrology for Moms by clicking here! 

If you have any questions about Astrology for Moms, please don’t hesitate to ask me! Simply reply to this email and I’m happy to answer any and all questions for you!

With Love,

Photo Credit: Eric Froehling