Realize Your Power, Woman

Happy Women’s Day!

I wasn’t sure I should share this because I thought to myself, who am I to give people advice about this? But then I realized that contradicted the whole point of what I wrote, and since I am a woman, I guess I am kind of experienced at this whole woman thing.

So here we go. Five tips on how to realize your power as a woman.

1. Give yourself space to exist. Have a voice. Don’t box up and put who you truly are in a closet. Express who you are without care for how people respond to it. Everyone enjoys being around a person who knows their worth and is very much at home with themselves. These people are always the most comfortable and energizing to be around.

2. Respect your body and yourself enough to not buy onto fad diets and trends. Stop reading magazines with headlines like “Get a bikini body” and “How to lose the last ten pounds!” Love your body, now.

3. Don’t listen to anybody who tells you what you should eat, what you should crave, what you should look like or weigh, how often and how much you should exercise – seriously. You don’t need to be rude. You can nod politely, scroll on down your feed, whatever. My recommendation is to let any nutritional advice beyond the basics go in one ear and right out the other.
You know your body best. Trust yourself. If you need some guidance, hire a nutritionist that you trust or just ask your health minded friends who aren’t jerks. You’ll be better off than turning to google, or worse, your facebook feed.

4. Don’t wear make up or heels or underwire push-up bras to appease a standard that is projected onto you. Also, don’t NOT wear those things because you want to be different, or you don’t want to appease a cultural standard. DO WHAT MAKES YOU FEEL BEAUTIFUL, STRONG, AND WELL!!!

5. If you can’t do these things for yourself, do them for the women you love. Your daughter, your sister, your best friend, the neighbor, every single girl in the world. Nothing empowers another like seeing you realize your power, and love yourself now.

You exist in this world. Being born was God giving you permission to take up some space. So do it. Speak your mind. Strut your stuff. Do your thing.

We need each other, and the little girls are watching us.



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