Relationship Readings

Do you find that your closest relationships are also the most challenging?

You’re not alone. Most people find that the people they are closest too are also the most triggering, intense relationships that they have. When our individual lives become one, it can be hard to negotiate and find balance. Often we find ourselves going against one another rather than supporting each other. It’s easy to forget that being in a relationship means we’re on the same team.

In a relationship reading, I look at the birth charts of both people in a partnership and observe the signs, elements, and aspects that exist between the two charts. It’s fascinating to see the dynamics and themes and discuss how they play out in day to day life. We see areas where tension an easily develop and we discuss how we navigate this. Of course, we also focus on the strength and harmony within the chart so that we focus on this and help it to grow.

We discuss all of your questions and any issues that are present that you’d like to work on and heal. It’s such a fun, fulfilling and rewarding experience. It brings your relationship awareness to a whole new level.

Observing and honoring the themes in relationships through astrology can be so major when it comes to honoring and growing with the people we care about.

While we don’t need astrology to be conscious creators in our lives and relationships, it is a fantastic tool for seeing the things that may otherwise simply elude, confuse or frustrate you.

1 session: $250

2 sessions: $450

3 sessions: $650

4 sessions: $800

All sessions are followed up with notes and writing prompts inspired by our work together. Relationship readings can be done with both partners, or just one partner.

Contact me here if you’re interested in working together!