Saturn in Capricorn Guidance

When we are motivated to accomplish things and building a new foundation for a better life, you can bet that Saturn is working it’ magic.

Whenever Saturn moves into a new sign, it’s  big deal. Saturn is the planet that wants to make a master out of us, and so we often face tough lessons and tasks wherever he tours our birth chart.

Right now Saturn is moving through one of his home signs, Capricorn (the other being Aquarius, who is also ruled by Uranus). Saturn has not been in Capricorn in 29 years, and so this is a theme that is new for a lot of us, and certainly unfamiliar for all of us, unless we have Saturn in Capricorn in our birth chart.

All of us will absolutely be forming some sort of new structure in our lives. Saturn will not be satisfied until there is a strong, solid foundation built to support your dreams, and now the time is ripe to get down and dirty. What this structure will most impact is dependent upon which house Saturn is touring in your birth chart, and the aspects Saturn makes to the planetary placements in our birth charts will show us in even better detail the intricacies and themes of Saturn’s three year transit through Capricorn.

If you’re interested in learning more about Saturn’s transit through Capricorn and what it means for you, I’d like to offer you a special Saturn in Capricorn bundle!

What you get with the bundle:

* A write up of what Saturn in Capricorn means in your birth chart, complete with the house(s) it’s touring, and aspects Saturn is making to the planets in your birth chart.

* More detail on your Saturn placement in your birth chart and how it relates to Saturn’s current movement.

* An individualized guided meditation for you, based on Saturn’s transit.

* Questions for reflection, and mantras based on Saturn’s transit through your birth chart.

Fee- $75

This bundle will only be available until the New Moon in Capricorn on January 16!

You can register for the bundle today!


Once I receive your payment, I will contact you to get your birth info (in case I don’t already have it), and to see if there are any specific questions you’d like me to address in the write up!

With Love,