Self-Love + Astrology

***The course is currently not open for enrollment!*** 

I’m super, super excited to finally open enrollment for my digital course: Self-Love + Astrology!!!

The course will kick off with the full moon in Cancer on January 1st, and will last four weeks in which you’ll get unlimited email access to me as your guide.  The content will be available to you for life!


In this course I share all that I’ve learned over the years about understanding the elements and signs of astrology, how each and every element and signs relates to each and every one of us uniquely, and how embracing our birth charts allows us to embrace and LOVE ourselves.

If you’re wondering if this course is right for you, ask yourself the following questions.

*Do you feel disconnected to yourself? Like you’re lacking inspiration, but also don’t feel very grounded, or confident in your skin?

*Is your life lacking rhythm & balance?

*Are you uncertain about your purpose in life, or what you’re good at?

*Do you feel like you’re doing everything “right”, but you’re still not feeling like you’re in love with your life, or your self?

*Do you feel like you have to force yourself to do things that you think you should enjoy?

*Are you critical of yourself? Your habits? Your pace? 

*If you answered yes to any of those questions, Self-Love + Astrology is probably a great fit for you! 

The truth is, we all have things that are easier for us than others.
Some things that come naturally for you are very difficult for others, and vice versa.

Understanding the Elements of Fire, Earth, Air, & Water, as per the zodiac, and going even deeper into each sign of the zodiac and understanding how it relates to YOU uniquely, can really bring a TON of clarity to what you are best at, and what your purpose is.

This is the simplest, most fun, and most eye opening way to look at your birth chart. Your birth chart, by the way, is a map of the planets at the time you were born. Your birth chart is a map that shows you what comes naturally to you, and explains a LOT about your personality, your gifts, and your struggles.

I will help you understand your birth chart and it’s symbolism in this course!

This course is very informative and intuitive. It will not only teach you so much about astrology and about your birth chart, it will confirm so much that you feel inside. Understanding yourself through your birth chart, and knowing which elements are most dominant and weakest in your chart clearly illustrates how we become balanced and imbalanced. I even go through specific symptoms and how they relate to the astrological signs, and what your body is trying to communicate to you through these symptoms.

Astrology, your birth chart, your mind, body, and spirit all speak a beautiful language that is easily understood when you are given the tools to know how to listen. This course is such a tool, and a powerful one!

* 4 weeks on the 4 Elements: Fire, Earth, Air, & Water

* 4 Audios

* 4 Reflection PDF’s

* 4 Guided Meditations (1 meditation for each element)

* Unlimited email access to me. I’m your guide to fully understanding your energy through your birth chart.

  • NEW BONUS! A 45 minute birth chart reading when you sign up for the course! 
If you’d like more of a taste as to how the course will go, please contact me by clicking here to request the FREE audios I made to give you a feel for it. I sent these audios out in a previous email newsletter, but if you didn’t get a chance to listen in, I’m happy to send them over to you as an mp3.

With Love,