Work With Me

Please contact me here if you have questions about my services, or would like to schedule an appointment. 

Moon Cycle Guidance (You get me as your personal astrologer for the month! To learn more, click here.) – $149

Relationship Reading – $199

1 hour birth chart reading via Skype or phone – $149

1 hour Astrology and Nutritional Consultation – $179

During your Astrology + Nutritional consultation we will discuss your birth chart and major themes and patterns that stand out and how this factors into creating diet and lifestyle changes that will serve you and be much, much easier to stick with long term. We will also go over:

-Your health history

-Your personal schedule (work, kids, hobbies, travel)

-Your emotional and social needs

-Your favorite foods

Follow-up readings and consultations are 60 minutes long and $100.

If you have any questions about working with me, please contact me here. I will be happy to answer any of your questions via email. Please allow twenty four hours for a response.