Slow & Steady Transformation

We’re just coming away from the Capricorn full moon which was conjunct Pluto. It was a heavy and intense full moon if ever there was one. Now the Sun is opposed Pluto this week. Yesterday the opposition was exact, but the opposition will be felt for the rest of the week as the Sun is still within a 5 degree orb as it moves away from Pluto. The Sun has been within a 5 degree orb with Pluto since July 4, so this energy has been present with us for a little while now, it’s just that the full moon stole the spotlight!

The Sun opposes Pluto just once a year, and whenever this happens we are looking at issues of creation and destruction, wanting to hide the self or a realization that you can no longer hide your truest self. We may find ourselves feeling exposed.

This particular Sun-Pluto opposition will also be making squares with both Uranus and Jupiter, so we will also be asked to find balance between a need for power and the need for creativity and freedom.

The Sun rules expression in it’s fullest form. Pluto rules subconscious forces and all that lies below the surface. A lot of the time, our fullest expression can be limited due to things that are festering in our subconscious that haven’t been brought to light. This is a theme of the Sun – Pluto opposition.

With the Sun being in Cancer we are looking at themes with family, our mother, nourishment, and self-care. We can observe where we are needing maybe too much comfort and security, or where we haven’t created enough comfort and security in our lives. Observe where you are moody, chances are you’re not feeling the comfort you require in this area of life.

If there are any structures or any form or discipline in our lives that does not work for us, Pluto in Capricorn will ask us to let this go. Saturn will be moving into Capricorn this winter and we will all have a new opportunity to create structures in our lives. Be mindful of the urge to cleanse yourself of all weaknesses right now, and remind yourself of one of the greatest lessons of Pluto in Capricorn: that transformation is often slow, requires hard and continues work, and never happens over night.

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