This is just so valuable. I can’t express to you how helpful it is to know that what I’m feeling/experiencing at any given time is exactly right. I feel like I’ve never been more trusting and flowing with life.

– Rande Moss, Eating Psychology and Wellness Coach 


During Moon Cycle Guidance, I knew exactly what to focus on and saw shifts in those areas. The personalized horoscopes Marlena sent to me several times a week were spot-on, and whenever I had questions, she really nailed it and was able to help me navigate some sticky situations. Most of all, she helped me understand my feelings and where they are coming from, and that helps me to understand myself so much better. My month of working with Marlena was an incredibly valuable experience!

-Chrissy Sterling, Elementary School Teacher & Mother


I have known Marlena for years now, but only recently started working with her professionally. Her astrological coaching has been both enlightening and empowering. With her guidance I have been able to refocus and better understand where I should be directing my energy. I feel stronger, less distracted, and I am taking risks I would have never thought myself capable of. Regardless of what you believe in, her guidance can only serve you. It’s exciting to be able to work with someone of her knowledge and talent. I am so grateful for her insight. I finally feel like I am stepping into my own power, and I have her to thank for that.

– Lauren Talbot, Certified Nutritionist and Author