The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo

Tomorrow is the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo. This is another of a series of eclipses on the Leo-Aquarius axis, so we will want to revisit some of the themes from around last year in February and August, when we had lunar eclipses in both Leo and Aquarius.

If we want to be super thorough, we can go back to around 1999, when we had eclipses in these signs as well. Try to think of any major themes in your life around 1998-2000, and if anything similar is playing out now.

It’s really only necessary to look at what life is presenting us with right now, so if you’re not able to remember much from 19 years ago, don’t fret. Do try to think back to last February and August. The August eclipse in the sign of Aquarius should be pretty memorable for most of us, as that’s when many of us were able to actually see the eclipse happening.

After this Lunar Eclipse tomorrow in the sign of Leo, and the Solar Eclipse in Aquarius on February 15, we will have another Lunar and Solar eclipse in the signs of Leo and Aquarius in late July and mid-August, which will close out the Leo-Aquarius eclipse series.

Eclipses symbolize a big energetic shift, more so than a regular old new or full moon. This Leo full moon is very much about sovereignty, so a big theme with tomorrow’s full moon will be getting clear on where we are giving away our power.

Full moons are a time of illumination, so at the time of this eclipse, we will see things we haven’t previously seen. We will see how and why certain things have a grip on us.

The moon’s opposition to the sun is what creates the full moon. The full moon is a time of oppositional energy, so it’s important to always look at the sign of the sun at full moon time. The Sun is in the sign of Aquarius right now, and Aquarius is all about individuality and social progress. Whenever we honor our individuality, what makes us most unique, we are able to usher in the new simply through being ourselves. Expressing our authentic energy. Interestingly enough, expressing our authentic energy, simply being ourselves, is often where we find our personal power!

We can only do this from going within and being unapologetically honest with ourselves about who we are, and what we are here to express.

When we are unapologetically honest with ourselves, we are best able to see what we need to uniquely express (Aquarius) and how we can walk through our lives embodying this expression as authentically as possible. Our power is in knowing this truth, expressing (Leo) that truth, and bowing to this inner knowing of your own creative expression as your own power – this is YOUR ultimate truth. Your truth = your power.

You can judge whether or not anything in life is healthy or right for you based on sensing this power within yourself. When you know who you are, that is power. When something feels off, when something depletes this sense of power, even a little bit, it’s not right for you. You can leave it, or it requires attention and adjustment. Either way, this is a nice time to tap into this inner knowing so your compass can guide through life better than ever.

Some questions to ask yourself:

  1. Do I feel that I am intimately aware with who I am? If not, can I explore what makes me unique? Can I ponder how my uniqueness contributes to social progress and the betterment of humanity? Don’t overthink this. The simplest, most every day act can contribute to social progress and the betterment of humanity. Think of a consciousness mama making an organic, wholesome meal for her kids, and teaching those kids to be compassionate. This is a big deal!
  2. Where in my life do I feel I’m silencing my authentic expression? Why am I diminishing it? How is this depleting my sense of personal power?
  3. What am I longing to express? How am I feeling depleted by not expressing my truth? How can I make my life an authentic expression of what’s in my heart?

If you feel like you can’t really grasp your most authentic expression, try to look back a little to last year’s eclipses and around 1999. The roots of any pain you’re feeling with this may have taken root back then. If you can’t gain any insight, give it time. Eclipses play out slowly, and we still have a few months until the next eclipses. Enjoy the ride!

Here’s to ushering in a new age of heart-fueled living!

With Love,


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Photo Credit: Anders Jilden


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