The Moon Cycle, Nutrition, and Cleansing

The New Moon in Gemini arrives on Thursday, May 25, and I’m super excited to be doing a final month of New Moon Guidance!

I decided to do this for one more moon cycle because people are enjoying from the program so much. It’s amazing how simply being aware of the moon’s movement through the different signs and phases makes a difference in our focus, self awareness, and growth!

You can read what people are saying about New Moon Guidance by clicking here.

This month I am offering nutritional and cleansing guidance along with the moon cycle. How the moon cycle affects our appetites, and how the different signs can affect our digestion of different types of foods isn’t very well known or discussed even within the health food circles!

Following the moon cycle and how it affects our bodies through nutrition, and cleansing at times that are most ideal for us individually deepens our intuition and connection with our bodies, and the universe. For those who struggle with listening to their body, following the moon cycle will make it easier, you’ll be able to start better understanding the signals that your body gives you. For those who already pretty good at listening to your body, this approach will take you so much deeper.

I have two spots open for this nutritional package along with the moon cycle guidance. Here’s all you get with the nutritional package:

– An added thirty minutes to your New Moon and Full Moon astrology sessions to discuss your health concerns, as well as your favorite foods and your schedule.

– Nutritional guidelines and suggested cleanse ideas that sync up with the phases of the moon. There is NO FASTING REQUIRED! You can cleanse the body while still enjoying meals. I’ll teach you how.

– Finding balance with your meals, learning how to trust your intuition, and letting it guide your food choices.

– How to set up a structure that is flexible and nourishing so that you can experience freedom with nutrition and cleansing.

– Unlimited support throughout our month of working together.

Fee for New Moon Guidance and Nutritional Guidance: $350

If you’d like to claim a spot, contact me by clicking here, and I’ll add a birth chart reading, or a relationship reading to your moon cycle package at no added fee!

I am working on something new that I’ll be offering in the next few weeks, and I’m so excited to share it with you. I’d SUPER grateful for the amazing women I’ve been working with through the New Moon Guidance program these last three months, as well as all of the wonderful people I’ve done birth chart and relationship readings with, and I hope that all I’m working out serves you and helps you to truly embrace your greatest potential!

With Love & Light,


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