The Moon in Cancer and Emotional Fog

The moon is in Cancer until the middle of tonight and I always love it when water is actually in the air when the moon is in a water sign. I see what I perceive to be evidence of the energy of the planets all around me every day, and perhaps never as much as on the days when the moon moves through water signs, and especially Cancer, as Cancer’s planetary ruler is the moon herself. 

Fog always reminds me of how clouded our emotions can make our perception of reality. We can’t see clearly through all we feel in the emotional fog of sadness, grief, hopelessness, and even love, joy, and excitement, but then the emotions eventually dissipate, much like the fog lifts. 

While I had a pretty sweet time with this Cancer Moon, I woke up this morning with my limitations and all I’m uncertain about in the near future heavy on my mind. I got into my morning routine and felt better as soon as I looked out the window and saw the dampness and fog, and remembered that the moon is moving through the last degrees of Cancer. 

If we are willing to see it, the Universe will always offer us clarity and hope. 

If you’re interested in seeing how the movement of the moon affects you individually, send me a message and we can schedule a fifteen minute phone call to see if New Moon Guidance is a good fit for you.

Lots of Love,


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