The Moon & You Membership

Astrology provides us with a way to observe the Universe and the way it speaks to us.
Our birth charts do not define or lay out our future. They simply provide us with themes and patterns that will color our lives. Consciousness and bringing attention to the events in our lives is what brings clarity to the themes and patterns. 
Transits do not determine our lives.

With that being said, some charts have more challenging aspects than others. Some people will experience transits that others never will. Astrologers believe that we chose these patterns to live out, on a soul level, in order to heal.


Ultimately, we are energy, and our birth charts and the transits show us how we embody this energy and how it is expressed. 


When I look at the astrology of the day, the week, the month, I don’t do it to predict events; I observe the energy, and discuss what we may feel and how we may experience this energy. While I don’t predict events, I can predict themes from observing the transits in your chart. 


The consciousness we bring to our birth chart and to any transit is what determines our fate. Astrology can bring a lot of clarity to situations, and with that clarity, we can better direct our energy towards growth rather than just learning the hard way, through struggle and pain. Sometimes we learn through struggle and pain, of course, but I believe that pain is a alert that something is off and correction is required, and Astrology can help us see what why the pain or struggle is occurring, and how best to correct it. 


Transits are how Astrologers observe the rhythm of the Universe. It seems to me that when people sync up with this rhythm there is a flow to life that feels easy, abundant, and rich. There is less struggle. There is more creativity, more love, more energy.


Syncing up with this rhythm, respecting it, respecting my body enough to allow it to feel that rhythm, is why I love astrology, and why I love wellness. It allows me to best sync up with this rhythm in a way that promotes health and growth. It has helped me to trust and believe in myself because I can see that I am working with the Universe and that is is for the greater good of myself and the world.


I ran a New Moon Guidance Program for six months. I worked 1:1 with clients throughout the moon cycle. This helped my clients see how the moon cycle influenced them and also helped them to better tune into the flow their life and listen to the cues the body was sending them. This program required a bit of time and a higher fee, but the experience was so rich for my clients and the feedback so positive that I really wanted to make it more acceptable. 

The result is my new offering: The Moon & You Membership. 


You get so much goodness with this membership. Let me share.


You’ll receive a horoscope every 2-3 days, which is every time the moon changes signs. The horoscope will cover the astrology of the day and I will also provide some specifications for each sign as well.


Along with that horoscope, you will get


– A meal idea and nutrition suggestions because, yes, the phases of the moon affects our cravings, and certain foods are more appealing on certain days of the month than others and can be used to better understand what your body needs and what you’re body needs relief from. 

– Special video horoscopes for each new moon, first quarter moon, full moon, and third quarter moon.

– Writing exercises for the new and full moon to process all that you’re experiencing

– A guided meditation that I create for each new and full moon!

– All of this is delivered to via email, so you don’t need to join any more face book groups or remember any passwords for password protected sites.


All of this information will be delivered as a PDF or in video format.


The Moon & You Membership is a $77 monthly fee, however, I am offering it at a deep discount when you are one of the first 50 sign-ups.


 When you are one of the first 50 sign-ups, you’ll get the membership for only $50 a month, for as long as you desire to hold membership.


I hope that you’ll be a part of this growing community with me!


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