The New Moon in Cancer

During the Cancer Moon Cycle I always return to this idea of ritual versus discipline. This topic comes to illumination at the time of the full moon in Capricorn, as Capricorn is the sign that opposes Cancer. Cancer is all about our most primal emotions, nourishment, as well as intuition, Cancer is ruled by the Moon! Capricorn rules structure and discipline, and is ruled by Saturn.
If you feel that you are not disciplined enough in regards to anything, whether it’s diet, exercise, keeping your house clean, or your career, step back for a minute and ask yourself how you can shift your mindset from discipline to ritual. Simply change the word.
Discipline implies strictness, going without, and it often gives us the sense that we are not strong enough to accomplish something.
Ritual implies ease, nourishment, rest, building, and an overall contribution to your sense of wellness.
There is absolutely a place for discipline and the Capricorn lessons are important and valid, however, everything needs to be viewed in light of it’s opposition, and now is a time to remain open to how we may be over structured or disciplined in our lives and how this may be closing us down.
Cancer season is a time to focus on self-care. If you are a mother I know this can be tough, but it truly is most important for mothers to practice self care rituals so that our children can learn to appreciate and honor themselves. How we care for ourselves shows our children how much we value ourselves, and this will teach them how much to care for and value themselves.
Care for your body, mind, spirit, and soul as if it were your child. That is the theme of the New Moon in Cancer.
Mother yourself, mother your body, mother your mind, mother your spirit, mother your soul, and let your inner world light up. See the abundance of this rich inner life manifest in your outer world!

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