The New Moon in Taurus

Right now we are in the beginning of  Taurus season, and so Taurean themes will be a part of our lives more than other times of the year, especially right now, with the Taurus new moon tomorrow!

The signs all offer us lessons that we may revisit in different ways throughout our lives, and so I hope what I share about Taurus today provides benefit and maybe a more thorough understanding of yourself, or any Taurus in your life.

One of my favorite Taurus subjects is desire. Taurus is a fixed earth sign, and I always tell clients that Taurus trusts what they can see, hear, taste, smell, and touch, as a means to explaining the sensuality and earthiness of this spring time sign.

I love how Liz Greene explains this aspect of Taurus in her book, Astrology for Lovers:

“When presented with an abstract idea, Taurus will want you to place it in the palm of their hand.”

This is not because Taurus is stupid, but because of their love of simplicity, along with their earthy, physical way of perceiving the world.

There is always something that will pester Taurus, otherwise they may never move, content to sit back in the grass and soak up the sun, content to enjoy the simple life, but there is always something that pesters them, and that something will cause them to move.

This leads us to desire.

Taurus is the most sensual sign. Ruled by Venus, with a strong appreciation and need for beauty, Taurus can get depressed if the senses aren’t pleased. While I am well aware of it’s less serene side, when I think of Taurus I still always imagine a beautiful, calm spring day on a farm with flowers blooming and the sun shining, baby goats frolicking – the simple life. Not a care in the world.

The Taurus love of simplicity can make it difficult to get moving and do what is needed in order to meet their desire, but once the desire is there, once Taurus becomes obsessed (which they can do despite their generally placid temperament), nothing will keep them from getting what they want.

The problem with obsession and going after something with single minded determination is that we can often find ourselves exhausted and depleted. We get wrapped up in destination thinking. Right now isn’t good enough. We need our desire to feel whole.

And what about the simple life? Where did the earthy pleasures go? It’s easy to forget all of that when desire takes over in an unhealthy way. It’s important to remember that Taurus is all about being here NOW. Spring time doesn’t last, and the blooming flowers will fall. Don’t get so wrapped up in your desires that you forget about the beauty that is NOW.

Is anything ever worth it when we put our self behind our desire? Is it possible to come out on the other side without exhaustion and depletion?

Rather than charging after your desire, take time to breathe in that sweet spring air and smell the blossoming flowers. Stay focused and keep your desire at the front of your mind, but never sacrifice your sense of personal peace for a desire, and never place your personal value in a desire or outcome.

Go after your desires in a way that feels light, and is energizing to you. Know that your value is not rooted in the physical and is more than what our senses can perceive. And know that you are worthy of, and require, all of the sensual delights that this big, beautiful world has to offer.

Sending you love & peace,


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