The New Moon in Virgo

The New Moon is in Virgo!

Mercury and Mars are also in Virgo, opposite Neptune and Chiron which are in Pisces.

Venus has also just entered Virgo.

With so much Virgo in the sky plus the new moon energy we are ready to change and bring order to our lives with the motivation of self-improvement at the front of our minds. We may even be aiming for perfection, and that’s OK. Virgo will back your perfectionist needs, just remember that YOU are the one who decides what perfect means to you. Always bring the power back to any stories you’re telling yourself.

The opposition to Neptune and Chiron is a beautiful aspect for healing. We may find that our idea of what is most painful to us right now is amplified. Maybe the veil is being lifted on the truth of what your story is around your pain. The opposition to both Mercury and Mars suggests that heated discussions or arguments could come up. Be mindful of this energy so that you can remain as clear as needed to choose your words wisely. Pisces can be very wise, and Virgo thinks out all of the details. This is a good opportunity to get clear on why any area of suffering in your life is holding you back from the next best step.

The Sun will move into Libra early Saturday morning, and then next week we have the Jupiter – Uranus opposition perfecting. Get your routines in order and know what you want to focus on with the change of season on Friday. It’s a time to know what is best and it’s also a time to let go of what isn’t necessary anymore. It’s a time for balance.

I’m wishing you a fab New Moon in Virgo and the fresh start you deserve. Lots of Love!

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