The Nurturing Sign of Cancer

The moon entered the sign of Cancer yesterday morning, so we should be feeling a more intuitive and somewhat calm energy after a busy Gemini moon weekend.

The moon is ruled by the sign of Cancer, so the moon is at home here, highly intuitive, focused on the inner life, being comfortable, and feminine, while Gemini is ruled by Mercury and is incredibly changeable, and mentally (and often physically) active. Gemini is always obtaining knowledge and facts, while Cancer is focused on comfort and what nourishes the inner life.
You may not be feeling very calm, however, if you’re feeling depleted.
Probably the biggest complaint I hear from people who are trying to live a healthier lifestyle is that they don’t have time to care of themselves. This is particularly common with moms who are always juggling their families needs along with their own. It doesn’t matter if you have one child or five, if you have other people that you love depending on you for almost everything, it’s so easy to let go of what you need and instead tend to their needs.

One very interesting observation most people make with astrology and in particular, the moon cycle, is how the themes of the sign the moon is moving through as well as the house that it’s moving through in an individual’s birth chart is how it brings issues pertaining to those themes to light. Around the full moon time especially (which is coming up this Sunday), things that are out of balance can become painfully obvious.

Today is a great time to do something extra special for yourself. Make sure you have a good breakfast, drink enough water, or take a long soak in a nice hot, bath. If you’re feeling sad, take extra caution to not indulge in food or any habit that leaves you feeling depleted.

This is a time for NOURISHMENT. Nourish your body, nourish your mind, nourish your soul.

Wishing you a day of sweet nourishment and cozy comforts.



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