Welcome to Autumn

As we move into this part of the year there is a definite shift that everyone feels regardless of whether or not they know or care about astrology. After roasting under summer’s furnace the leaves lose their green and they begin to fall. Day by day it gets just a little darker, a little earlier. Even if it gets really warm midday, in the early morning you need a blanket or a coat or sleeves.
There is really no season I prefer over any other. As I’ve grown I’ve come to enjoy the changing of seasons more than anything. It’s always the time that I most want to be outside. Just yesterday we swam in the pool. The water was cold from the chilly nights, but the sun was as hot as it’s been all summer, and it felt so good.
I’ve never gone swimming in the fall season, but this summer has been an interesting one for me, and I’ve felt like I really want to draw it out and extend it, even though it has been a crazy season full of change and uncertainty, part of me doesn’t want it to end.
But it will end, and the season will change, like everything in Nature eventually does. No matter what my will is, the leaves will fall and the days will grow darker.
Some look at autumn as the end of life, the end of summer fun and care free days. What was once blossoming with life will now fade and fall away as we move into the darker, colder part of the year.
We can hold onto summer and the flower blossoms and life but what freedom is there in that? When we surrender to the seasons, the cycles of nature, and our bodies we are free. As we learn to find the beauty, expression, comfort, and love in all parts of the year and all parts of ourselves, we are free as we can possibly be.
The sun has just moved into Libra and so balance will be a theme this month along with beauty, love, relationships, justice, and harmony. If there is any area of life where you’ve been feeling “off”, Virgo season probably brought it it to light, and now you will have a great opportunity to bring this into balance.
Wishing you all a harmonious season! 

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