When in Doubt, Eat a Salad

Sometimes, healthy choices can feel so complicated. I always say, when in doubt, eat a salad. You can serve it up with your favorite cooked vegetables, sources of healthy fat, and protein. Vegetables offer us so much variety, and a salad plate is just a canvas for whatever beautiful meal you most desire on any given day.

I topped the gorgeous salad pictured above with a raw ranch dressing that is not very much like a typical ranch dressing, but it is creamy and very flavorful, which kinda sounds like ranch dressing to me.

Here is the recipe:

2 cups raw, chopped zucchini, peeled

juice of half a lemon

half an avocado OR 2-3 tbsp raw tahini

1 garlic clove

2 tbsp or more raw chopped onion (adjust to taste)

2 tbsp fresh dill or more

1 tbsp fresh oregano or more

blend with a bit of water to facilitate blending

salt and pepper to taste.

To make this dressing extra creamy, blend in a tbsp of cold pressed oil. You could also probably add some nutritional yeast to this if you wanted to give this a richer, dairy like taste.

This base of avocado or tahini, lemon juice, and zucchini is so versatile and you can add so much to it: different herbs, sundried tomatoes, hemp seeds, herbed salts, bell peppers, seasonings and spices. You can also serve this as a dip with raw vegetables and whole grain crackers.




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